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Thread: National COP8 family to get FLASH members...
face picon face BY : William Chops Westfield email (remove spam text)

Looks like the National Semicondutor COP family is coming out with some
flash chips as well...  Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon that
microchip more-or-less invented.  I wish microchip were being as
agressive about flash as some of their competitors, I think...


   From: news mail <spamBeGonenewsspamspamspam_OUTnational.com>
   Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 15:58:58 -0700 (PDT)
   Subject:  National Semiconductor Microcontroller Products Update

   1) COP8FLASH Seminars

   You are cordially invited to come to one National Semiconductor's
   free, half-day COP8FLASH seminars, which are being held in cities
   around the world.

   For a list of cities, a detailed agenda, and to register, go to:

   Come and experience the newest FLASH based members of our COP8
   8-bit microcontroller family and the development tools that
   support them. We believe that you will find many of the brand-new
   features we have incorporated as exciting as we do:

   * Flash memory dynamically configurable as EEPROM data memory
     (up to 32k)
   * Zero external component in-system programming capability
   * 100,000 erase/write operations and 100 years data retention
   * 100% precise emulation of on-chip analog functions
   * Designed for high noise immunity
   * Absolute code security
   * Internet connectivity
   * The world's smallest 28-pin and 44-pin microcontrollers, that
     enable you to shrink your designs by 66%

   A 20% discount on all COP8FLASH development tools will be offered
   to all seminar attendees. We look forward to seeing you at one of
   our seminars!

seeking: microchip ios temperature

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