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Thread: RC oscillator
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>        I thought I had seen graphs of the stability of the RC mode from
>device to device and over temperature, but I can't locate these in the
>datasheet or app notes.

I don't think that the RC mode is suitable for serial communications,
not in a production product that has to operate over a wide temperature

Why don't you put an SMT or a 20 cent leaded resonator on there? You will get
guaranteed acceptable performance (without a lot of margin, but O.K.)
Resonators are much more robust than crystals.

Only a percent or two change and you will have decreased serial noise
at 5% or so it typically will stop working.

I have used LC oscillators on PIC's to improve the guaranteed accuracy, but
accuracy certainly not good enough for this application. The stability,
might be just ok for asynchronous serial comms.

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