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Thread: Average reading of a fluctuating A/D signal?
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If you add five 8-bit samples and use two 8 bit registers for the result
(16bits) you can then do a right shift five times on the 16 bit result to
obtain an average. You need to take into account the carry from the lo byte
to the high byte.


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Subject: Average reading of a fluctuating A/D signal?

> My A/D input signal is such that I will always have a +/- 10 fluctuation
> in my register value. Can somebody tell me how to get an average reading
> over say 5 A/D samples?
> Thanks
> Quentin

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/atod.htm?key=a%2Fd
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Subject (change) Average reading of a fluctuating A/D signal?

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