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Alan B Pearce wrote:

> It would seem that the rejected posts are all echoes from someone who
> has had their access to the list cut off by their employer.

> >Apparently-To: EraseMEdave@spam@spamRemoveMEDIGILOG.CO.UK
> >Delivered-To: RemoveMEe7df6e19-davespamBeGonespamRemoveMEDIGILOG.CO.UK

 You're dead right about the mechanism.  Not so much about their list
access, it's generally their e-mail account in toto.

 It was reported to the admins a couple of days ago - not sure why they
haven't killed it yet except to say they're busy guys and some of these
things are due to strange mail reflections which are difficult to track.

 I'm not sure for example whether the listserver puts unique IDs on to
each copy of each message it resends or how easy it is to match these
logs again if they cause a bounce.

 The important thing is that until the bogus message the listserver
returns to the original sender is fixed, which I am assured it will be
:) soon, that senders do *NOT* re-send any messages.
       Paul B.

<3923FBC6.AA9E88D6@midcoast.com.au> 7bit

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