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Thread: User interface for PIC model aricraft controller
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Actually there are two different toolsets.  I have experience only with the
Metrowerks tools, which are supported by Palm, Inc.  That toolset was
originally written for the Mac, and ported to Windoze.  Supposedly, many of
the crashes are due to the port from the Mac, though on the Palm developer's
list, I see plenty of complaints from Mac-using developers.

The other toolset is GNU-based, and native to *nix, and (I think) ported to
Windoze.  I don't know much about it, though it is supposed to be fairly
good and is free.

I had a project deadline and didn't have much time to shop around, so I
chose the commercial, vendor-supported set in order to get to work as
quickly as possible.  I suspect that I was right in that Metrowerks comes
with an installer that takes care of that particular set of hassles with
Windoze.  I see quite a few questions about installing the other set.

In either case, there is an emulator that works amazingly well.  You get a
Palm on your PC screen (you can choose 'skins' for various Palm models), and
it actually runs your programs -- in fact you have to download the actual OS
ROMs from a real Palm (or from the Palm website) into it before it will run
anything.  On my 350 MHz Pentium, it's almost as fast as a real (16 MHz, I
think) Palm.  The serial and IR ports are even well simulated with PC ports!
It is absolutely in another league from MPSIM.

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=pic
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