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Thread: Interfacing to automotive (now EMI)
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Krikey, Dennis, I feel more and more behind as the standards get more and more
complicated.  I do not aspire to own a full EMC/EMI test setup at this point,
but I would like to design to pass, and intelligently.  Can you suggest:

A    How to get the standars that you referenced below without spending 6

B    Some truly comprehensive texts that direct one to practical application

I got that EMI test compliance trade magazine for a while, bot boy do they bury
the answers deep.

Feeling an emptiness inside,
Chris Eddy

"Plunkett, Dennis" wrote:

> CISPIR 25 1995-11
> ISO/TR 10605 1994(e)
> Japanese blue book
> ISO 11452 1995(e)
> MIL STD 461D
> ISO 7637 (Gives the impulse tests)
> SAE J1112-13 1995
> SAE J1113-42 1994

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