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Thread: [EE] PC board transfer paper play
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I think this quest for quick, afforable protyping, on copper-clad
fiberglass, has dogged many of us.
Midnight engineering holy grail.

Bob Blick's  excellent pages - COM84 project mentioned 'a page from TIME
(Medical offices providing obvious source, plus this has a 'green'
environmental feel to it...reuse, recycle)
I had to try it. It seems to have possibilties.  . The heat level was too
high on the iron, and the iron was reclaimed by it's owner, back to a boring
life working on quilting projects. I'll have to buy my own. (any
Hopefully Mr Blick can lend a hand here, and expand on his experences...

One thing I have found is to push the limit of 'darkness' on my printer
setup, to lay down as much toner as possible.

Also, for those mad scientist types, what about the qualities of different
toners?. Specifically, the amounts and types of plastic granules? Is there a
better toner we could be using to refill our own cartridges?
Any research results?


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