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Thread: BIG NEWS! Server Topic Filtering [ADMIN]
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That is a very good point and is the one down point I can see in this.

Right now, if you want to post something about PICs to the PICList, you have
A) Click on "New Message" or whatever button triggers your email client to
send email
B) Enter spamBeGonePICLISTTakeThisOuTspamspam_OUTMITVMA.MIT.EDU in the "To..." field
C) Enter a subject line
D) Enter the post text in the body.

With the new system, step C would be modified to read:
C) Enter [PIC]: and the rest of the subject line.

Replying to a message would not be any different.

So... we are talking about requiring 6 extra keystrokes when posting. Its
not a lot, but it is extra work and I do understand that basically, this is
asking 99% of the PICList to do (a little) more so that the 1% that can't
bother to add [OT] reliably, will be reminded that they are on the subject
of PICs.

That's why we are asking for feedback on this idea. I still think its the
way to go, but I really will respect whatever the bulk of the list decides.
It may just not be worth it.

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Subject (change) BIG NEWS! Server Topic Filtering [ADMIN]

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