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Thread: [EE] PC board transfer paper play
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<x-flowed>A brief word of warning:

Laser printer fusers get very hot. The hot fuser can have all sorts of
interesting effects on various materials being fed against it. I would be
very leery about feeding some of the things I've heard suggested here and
elsewhere. Certainly anything waxy may have a tendency to gob melted goo
all over the insides of your printer if it can't take the heat. I remember
a guy telling me a story about someone who fed the wrong brand of
transparency through his laserjet and ended up with a mass of solid plastic
in the paper path...instant junker.

Of course some of the methods mentioned might work just dandy. It will
depend on the printer's fuser temperature a lot. Just because another guy
gets something to work doesn't mean it won't kill a different machine.


At 04:08 AM 5/16/00, you wrote:
>however, watercolorists wet paper repeatedly, and scrub at
>it, even.  plain office paper is pretty pathetic, however
>there are lots of paper types around, and im beginning to
>think about kitchen waxed paper and shiny butcher paper,
>stuck to thicker stock with a gluestick for a carrier through
>the machine....


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