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Thread: BIG NEWS! Server Topic Filtering [ADMIN]
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On Tue, 16 May 2000, Andrew Kunz wrote:

> I personally hate having machines think for me.

Me too, they're so much better at it
> I would hope the default for current members would be to enable everything, and
> only if they don't want it they can opt-out.
> Andy
it would be a nice feature if the system would "drop" posts you make
that didn't conform to the categories you were registered for.
E.g. if I only wanted to hear about PICS (which is why I joined the
list - no comments about the inconsistency with this post please)
then I would register for [PIC], ok so far. Now if I post something
without [PIC] I would hope that the system would throw my post away
as I would not get to see any of the responses.



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Subject (change) BIG NEWS! Server Topic Filtering [ADMIN]

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