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Try buying some laser or inkjet labels ( I use the 3.5 floppy labels), peel
off the labels and print the PC trace onto the shiny backing paper the labels
were on with you laser printer.  Then you can iron them onto the copper clad
board with a common household iron.  Of course make certain that your board
is very very clean and also put another piece of paper over the top of the
backing sheet to put your iron on.  Preheat the board with the iron for about
30 seconds to 1 minute before you actually iron on the transfer.  Then place
the trace printout on the board, put the blank paper sheet on the backing and
place the iron on it.  Keep the iron with moderate pressure on there and move
it around slowly for about 2 minutes.  You may have to experiment with the
heat settings on the iron to get the proper results as irons all differ
somewhat.  I would start with the lowest and go until I had the setting you

Carefully peel off the label backing material and hopefully you will have
your resist trace intact and ready for etching.

You might want to check out Al Williams web site as he has the detailed
instructions for doing PCBs this way.

Regards and hope this helps,
Randy A.

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