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Thread: [EE] PC board transfer paper play
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(Sorta funny one here <G>)

Found out what happens, yesterday, when you try to make a PCB by
printing on regular laser printer paper and ironing that on - I'd use
that for some big-trace boards (Heavy duty power supplies with 1/4"
traces etc., should work great!) - I will NOT recommend it, though, for
the 32-pin PLCC adapter I was making.  The paper sticks to the toner
rather thoroughly, does stick to the PCB well also.  I gave up and got
out the DynaArt paper after using acetone to clean up my little PCB

I'm always ready to try new things out, lets me problem solve - fun!
<G>  You do want to pull the plain paper off "flat" i.e. fold it over
180 degrees, then pull, after soaking for some time - seems to release
best that way.  Expect to rub off the rest of the paper fibers,
carefully, a bit at a time.  Probably, you could etch and the etchant
would eat in and only the toner would effectively resist - I didn't go
that far, maybe will next time.  The little adapter PC board I make (if
I didn't have 500 spare already!) would be a good testbed to try this
one out on, come to think of it.

(Got tired of trying to hand make little SOIC once-off's, toner does SO
much better so much easier than I can do offhand!)

Has anyone tried either spraying PVA (PolyVinyl Alchohol), or dextrin
solution, on their own paper to home-make an equivalent to the DynaArt
transfer paper?  It'd be quite convenient for me, to be able to make
quick once-offs more regularly (the DynaArt paper $3ish/sheet bill sure
adds up.  Less price per page would be nice - that thinking spawned the
"plain paper" try <G>)

I'm thinking you could roll or spray the PVA or Dextrin onto glass then
drop the paper onto that & clamp it (to keep it FLAT!), as one
possibility.  A little food coloring mixed into the PVA or Dextrin would
tell you which side to print onto.

Yes, I know, there are other "alternate print media" <G>  So little
time, so many mad science experiments <G>


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