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Thread: ADC during sleep.
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According to the manual in 11.4 A/D conversions : "... which eliminates all
digital switching noise from the conversion ... If the A/D interrupt is
enabled the device will wake-up from sleep...
I had not time to test yet, but I think is the best way to get the promised
clean 10bit ...
What problems you foresee, to avoid this way?
I would like to learn more about this point .Thanks in advance.


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Subject: ADC during sleep.

Didn't look at your post in detail, but was the ADC set for internal clock,
as if not it would sleep when the rest of the PIC did, hence no interrupt.

Wouldn't attempt the sleep-during-conversion setup unless I was damn sure I
needed it.


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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/atod.htm?key=adc
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