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Thread: Linear quad. encoders.
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John -

Here is a description of an enclosure for the US Digital Strips and
read heads. It came from a Machining mailing list CAD_CAM_EDM_DRO
on egroups.com. The author of the note was Dan Mauch. Also, here is a
link to a picture of the enclosure, mounted on a milling machine.


"I will try and find some picurrees of my enclosed US digital linear
Essentially,  it is a 1X2 rectangular aluminum tubing. I made end caps
are inserted into the ends of the tubing and serve as a seal, a mounting
flange and a location stop.
The linear strip was mounted onto a pieces of 1/4" square aluminum stock
with 2 mill double sided tape. The strip is so light and with the
of the mylar there has been no problems with this technique after one
of operation. The 1/4 stock with linear strip is epoxied into the 1X2
housing on one edge . Whereas there is no phyical contact with the
strip epoxy is an easy way of securing the strip to the housing
The encoder head is mounted on a polypropylene slider that positions the
encoder head to run over the linear strip. The slider is moved by a
piece of
5/16"D aluminum tubing that serves as a cable conduit and as a push rod
the slider. The endcap on one side has a hole bored to allow the 5/16
pushrod to line up with the slider .
I think a picture of my encoder set up is in http://www.metalworking.com in the
drop box under droxencoder.jpg

Mike Gann

John wrote:
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<391C33A5.EDEFF936@home.com> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/sensors.htm?key=encoder
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