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Thread: G Codes decoding [OT] [EE]
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Thank You!

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Subject: Re: G Codes decoding [OT] [EE]

|Do a search for Stepster on the net. or a file called CNC981.zip. In it you
|will find a document entiitled NCreadme.txt which will explain the codes
|If you don't find it email me off list and I will forward it to you.
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|Subject: CNC: G Codes decoding [OT] [EE]
|> Hi all!
|> Can anyone point me to a CNC technical site where I can find explains in
|> detail of the use and decoding of G-Codes and M-Codes for CAM?.
|> (Sorry for the OT but I've been searching the net for it and found
|> technical CNC)
|> Also a good book on this topic?
|> Thanks in advence,
|> S.-

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