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On the other hand, if you see the message (as I did) but its been converted
from HTML to Plain Text, give a double hoo-rah!

Apparently I misunderstood the docs on the new feature. Rather than
rejecting HTML, it apparently converts HTML to Plain Text. Either that or
Outlook was "doing things I didn't ask it to do" again <GRIN>. But I notice
that a recent post from Mr. Rigby Jones (who has been HTML stuck due to the
requirements of his workplace) came through in plain text.

If I get any more tickled about this, I'll turn pink! <VBG> No more sending
out all those "please change your lame ass settings to plain text"

THANK YOU L-SOFT! (Next time don't hide it in the documentation). And thanks
to Mike for digging in the docs.

James Newton (PICList Admin #3)
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