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Thread: Overclocking a PIC16F84
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I had a nice discussion about clocks and other specs with a Microchip FAE,
and what he said seemed really reasonable.  Basically, the specs state what
Microchip guarantees and is willing to stand behind.  Once you buy the
chips, you're free to do whatever you want with them, but if what you're
doing is outside of the specs, don't expect Microchip to back you up.  Any
guarantees you offer will be strictly your own.

The kicker with most of the specs is "over the specified temperature range".
At room temperature, just about any chip will perform far beyond its
specifications.  If you are certain your chips will always be at exactly
25C, then you can run them way beyond the specs.

This same FAE said he had a customer who was having good luck running some
at 10 times the spec'ed clock rate in a certain application.  The customer
had to screen the parts themselves, and their temp spec was very tight, but
it worked.  Another customer was dropping PIC's down a borehole where they
ran for a few minutes at some ungodly temperature like 300C.  Again, they
had to screen the parts themselves, but they got a tough job done.

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/time.htm?key=clock
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