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Thread: 8051 Programmer ? [OT] [EE]
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Hi Wagner!

Thanx! It's difficult to get the 8051's ISP parts in my country, so my next
question is if You can point me to a simple programmer for the more common
parallel parts. OK, I know that it won't be so simple as 5 wires but it

Thank You again,


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From: Wagner Lipnharski <wagnerspamspamUSTR.NET>
Date: Saturday, May 06, 2000 1:29 AM
Subject: Re: 8051 Programmer ? [OT] [EE]

|Take a look at http:/whttp://www.ustr.net select 8051 files button, and get
|ISPDOS.EXE, it is an executable DOS code (not Windows DOS), that allows
|you program the 8k code flash memory of the AT89S8252 (8051) Atmel part
|using only the PC Parallel port and 5 wires...

<002601bfb738$1fb88060$f8315c9d@jamesmax> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devprogs.htm?key=programmer
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