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Thread: New e-mail virus [OT][ADMIN]
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Actually, it does replace common picture formats, but it also renames them
from <filename.jpg> to <filename.jpg.vbs>

Normal picture viewers would not be affected and would not spread the virus.
What would happen in Windows is a GUI user would try to click on the
filename (from My Computer or Explorer) thinking that it was the old file
(not noticing the incorrect extension). Windows would see the vbs extension
and run the scripting host - which would infect the system.  If the (l)user
would attempt to load the file from the file dialog of, say, Paint Shop Pro,
it would just complain it didn't understand the file format.

I think you have to almost try to get this sucker to infect your system.
Amazing that it caused so much damage.  Are we all so starved for
affection/ego trips that we absolutely MUST open something as lame as
ILOVEYOU.txt.vbs ????


In the case of this worm, it replaces every JPG it can find with a copy of
vbe.  If you have JPG viewer that executes VBEs (does such a thing exist?),
someone sent you a worm effected JPG, you'd be infected.


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