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Thread: New e-mail virus [OT][ADIM]
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> Wow... Has anyone else noticed the deafening silence? ...the
> lack of virus
> carrying posts ricocheting through the PICList? How have we
> managed to not
> be affected by this one? Knock on wood?
> Could it be that a few people posted warnings before the
> thing got here and
> ALL the list members with Outlook listened and avoided it?

I must have had nearly 100 e-mail messages carrying the worm before I saw the
first PICList posting about the worm.  It's more likely that those of us on the
PICList forced to use Outlook are smart enough not to open e-mail with
attachments that look so suspicious.  Secondly, I imagine that most PICList
members that use Outlook and choose to carelessly open e-mail attachments, don't
have the PICList in their address books.



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