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Thread: New e-mail virus [OT][ADIM]
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Although I consider myself a humble man, I suspect that the critical mass of
grey matter on the list is such that it does not allow these things to propogate
through OUR machines.  I got a love letter.. but I figure all of us on the list
know when we see a VBS extension that the fix is in.  I called the fellow and
told him that I love him too, then deleted it.

I open nothing that I did not expect to show up.  With the exception of JPG's,
which are predictably harmless jokes.

Chris Eddy

James Newton wrote:

> Wow... Has anyone else noticed the deafening silence? ...the lack of virus
> carrying posts ricocheting through the PICList? How have we managed to not
> be affected by this one? Knock on wood?

<3912F2A5.8C17EA9A@nb.net> 7bit

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