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Thread: [AD] 550 COMPONENTS - I2C 24C01 ISO7816 - MEMORY CARD
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I know their is a shortage of that part right now.  Can you mod the code to
take a 24c02 or 24c03...
Somebody else asked me to cross that part just last week for them.
By the way, brands to try.. Microchip, Atmel, Xilinx(sp), and many others.
Get cross part numbers from each mfg and then try finding them when you have
an army of part numbers that are usable.
By the way, I have used, in the past, a PCB layout for 8 pin dip with a
surface mount pad layout overlapping, so the board could be build with DIP
or surface mount.  Just a thought. It looked something like this:
O   O
:O : O
:O : O
O   O

Some links that came up on a search of 24c01:

Good luck,

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Subject: [PICLIST] [OT][AD] 550 COMPONENTS - I2C 24C01 ISO7816 - MEMORY CARD

> I need urgently to acquire 550 of this component...
> Can you inform me some distributor?
> Miguel Wisintainer

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