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Thread: [EE] PCMCIA (PC CARD) data xfer to laptop
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Aah.  For the connectors, DigiKey sells both PCMCIA and CF sockets (68
or 50 pins respectively, 0.050" pin spacing, two rows 0.050" CTC.)

You'll need PIC Code to handle reading/writing the FAT16 / directory /
file structure, know people working on that but none done yet.  Several
doing this on Atmel's.  One has FDD code on an 8051 that was working for
a commercial product (he's moved & not back on here yet, I guess.  He'll
get settled in.)

Another option:  Could just swap media when you visit the remote site
(then read speed's not so critical - if you're trying to keep a constant
log,  you might consider doing *something* to prevent a write from
occuring as you remove the card - don't want to corrupt any data.

I've found one rather decent URL for you, and a few others:

http://www.rdrop.com/~cary/html/pc_card_faq.html  PC Card FAQ
115k of good data, should help.  (I need to read that again.)

http://hwb.acc.umu.se/index.html (The Hardware Book) has lots of
connectors, http://hwb.acc.umu.se/co_PcCard.html,
http://hwb.acc.umu.se/co_PcCardAta.html, and
http://hwb.acc.umu.se/co_CompactFlash.html specifically would be germane

(http://www.programmersheaven.com/zone5/cat20/index.htm has a bunch of
old good ASM (for 80x86 machines) routines, if the Linux sources don't
tell you what you want to know.)

I have lots of old AT/XT BIOS books etc. so if you need to know
something I can look it up...


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