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Thread: [EE] PCMCIA (PC CARD) data xfer to laptop
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I wasn't clear enough... I need to be able to write to this thing from a PIC
in a remote device. Megabytes of data. Then pick it up, pull the card
(Compact Flash, SanDisk, PCMCIA FLASH, whatever), push it into the Laptop,
copy the file or files to hard drive, erase, reinsert into device and leave.

Critical points:
A) ultra fast transfer speed. 16 Meg in several seconds.
B) standard unaltered laptop and no fancy software.
C) multi-meg storage ability.
D) fairly low power. will only fire up briefly, capture data, then shut down
so can't be ram or hard drive.

Basically, if I could buy that part of a digital camera...

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Subject (change) [EE] PCMCIA (PC CARD) data xfer to laptop

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