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Thread: [EE] 24-bit A/D. Are We in the Twilite Zone Here?
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I'm intrigued by this discussion, and I'm probably
in over my head here :-)
Anyway regarding bit jittering, increasing accuracy etc.
If I understand correctly if one adds a random bit to the
reading then one possibly ( likely ? ) could increase the accuracy ?
Is this vaild for, let's say one has 6 bit's of noice ?
Would one then add several random bit's ?
Ore are this only valid for the LSB ?

Further how does one accomplish this 'random bit' ?
to be truly random I guess it would be very hard,
I've read the last month disscussion regarding
an random byte generation, but for a single bit
there must be an easier way.

Anyway very interesting thread, nice to read.

BTW Just 'playing' with the 24 bit AD7730 ;-) DS


Tony KŸbek, Flintab AB            
E-mail: spamtony.kubekspamBeGonespam.....flintab.com


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