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Thread: Etch Resist Ink (and tags) [ADMIN]
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Thanks for offering the deal to the PICList first.

Results of previous polls on the subject have shown that most members think
that posts on good deals on used or unwanted items (or even product
announcements) that a PIC engineer might want are a real good thing for the

To make sure that people who don't want to see this type of post can filter
it out, I'm going to start asking that post like this have a new tag "[AD]"
in the subject line in addition to the [OT] tag it should have since it is
not directly related to PICs.

A) By all means, please post your "good deals" to the list..
B) add [AD] to the end of the subject line and [OT] if its not directly PIC

And please,
A) don't send emails directly to list members to sell your product. That
*is* SPAM.
B) don't post the same ad about the same stuff every so often for no
apparent reason.
C) don't post ads on stuff that has nada to do with PICs or at least

That gives us 4 "official" tags for the subject line:
[OT] for off topic posts
[AD] for advertisements
[ADMIN] for posts related to list administration
[EE] for off topic posts (use only with [OT]) that are still of interest to
engineers. For now, also include [OT] as we don't want to force people to
change the [OT] filter they have set up unless they want to get [EE] posts.

Hint: if enough people start using the [EE][OT] tag, I'll police the [OT]
only posts even less than I already do (although recent polls indicate that
the vast majority are happy with the policing) and we might switch to [EE]
by itself for engineering related but non PIC posts and [OT] for way off
topic posts.

Please let me know what you think.
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for the idea of using _ rather than +.

James Newton (PICList Admin #3)
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       I have one gallon of etch resist ink for silk screening PCBs.
Worth $75 dollars will sell for $50.  Thought I would offer it here
first. Anyone interested?


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Subject (change) Etch Resist Ink (and tags) [ADMIN]

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