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Thread: piclist thread ordering
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Stein Sem-Jacobsen wrote:

> #1 e-mails get their timestamp when you hit the send button in the
> e-mail editor, not when you actually send it.

 Which is exactly as it should be.

 Everyone understands, or should, that not everyone received each reply
at the same time and so some replies *will* be made even though another
reply, not presently visible to the first respondent, has already
covered the territory.

> #2 Timezones. This list has got members all over the world, so the
> time will be set different around the world.

 Does not apply.  The time your browser indicates to you has been
corrected to your own timezone; same should apply to the archive.  The
message itself states the local time, *and* in which timezone that was.

> #3 People don't set their computerclock

 *And* timezone.  There's no answer to that one!
       Paul B.

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