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Thread: piclist thread ordering
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I think tihs is due to a number of reasons:

#1 e-mails get their timestamp when you hit the send button in the e-mail editor, not when you actually send it. So, if you type your responds when you recive your e-mail but doesn't actually send it till you check for e-mail next time then your timestamp will be different from the time the server gets the e-mail.

#2 Timezones. This list has got members all over the world, so the time will be set different around the world.

#3 People don't set their computerclock

Stein Sem-Jacobsen

> I've looked at some of the threads on the piclist "website",
> and noticed lots of times individual responses are very much
> out of order, by as much as 2-3 days. So, if you follow down
> thru a thread by clicking on "next in thread", you often go
> all over the place. Am wondering why this is so ???????


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