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Thread: Production vs. Development programmers and trademarks
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<x-flowed>This type of action by Microchip is pretty short sighted. They are in the
business of producing  "microchips". They sell programmers expressly for
the purpose of supporting their core business. To start slapping around
smaller businesses that produce products that directly support Microchip's
core business is pretty foolish IMHO.

The term PIC is a well known term for referring to cool little
microcontrollers. Having a product that is specifically designed to work
with PIC chips *should* have the word PIC in it.  You would think Microchip
would *pay* people to use that term in their products since it directly
supports/proliferates/advertises Microchip's product line! I'm willing to
bet that the revenue from the sale of Microchip's programmers is
insignificant. I'm also willing to bet the low cost alternative 3rd party
programmers that include the word 'PIC' in the name contribute
significantly to their revenue. They provide not only low entry costs for
development tools, thereby making it easy to try PIC solutions, but by
simply spreading the 'PIC' name and showing how widely supported
Microchip's products are.

- Mike

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