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Well, As I posted previously you can use this excellent web page to get
directions about patching and removing.


If you have done that exactly, you should be ok. You can look in the sent
mail folder and see if opening the email you sent triggers a reinfection. I
would also really recommend getting a good anti-virus program. $50 or so. I
use Norton. Its also good to keep your system completely up to date with MS
via the windows update site. I have no other information than that.

I've asked for admins and others to help me put together a good
informational page on the PICList FAQ since one of the few bad points of
these lists is the possibility of virus distribution.

I've also been criticized (by a very few and not you Dave) for not doing
enough to prevent virus problems. We (the other Admins mostly) have
investigated what we can do and the list server just isn't... feature
rich... in that area. Promised in future release. (thanks Mike) We are
talking about limiting posts to 250 lines as a way of cutting down on the
possibility of attached programs and as a side effect to prevent super large

Please let me know (rather than the list) how you feel:
EraseMEjamesnewtonKILLspamspampiclist.com?subject=SIZE+LIMIT+Yes> RemoveMEjamesnewtonspamBeGonespamRemoveMEpiclist.com?subject=SIZE+LIMIT+No

After thinking about it for a while, I believe that there is a limit to our
responsibility (and to how much time I'm willing to put into this) and that
even if we protected all our members from virus infection, members would
pickup viruses from other sources. The best we can do is educate and empower
members to protect themselves. No vote on that. Deal.

After looking at that
website, I'm not sure how we could do better. Unless I hear other
suggestions, I'll just add a note that says "watch out for virus infection,
see these sites for more information" and then list the sarc and a few other
good websites. Please send me your favorite anti-virus resource.

James Newton (PICList Admin #3)
jamesnewton@spam@spamspam_OUTpiclist.com 1-619-652-0593
PIC/PICList FAQ: http://www.piclist.com or .org

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