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Thread: [EE] 24-bit A/D. Are We in the Twilite Zone Here?
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No this is not the twilite zone at all, infact relality!
You cna keep the 24bit resoultion and still be OK.
Note that we are talking of while noise whos bandwidth is infinite in both
directions and the effective sum of the power is (Zero) think before you
Ok so what can we do about its, as often we will have this noise flip and
change the state of a signal, very much unwanted!
OK remember that the effective power is Z-E-R-O? but at any one time it may
be at the maximum or at the minimum correct also? So what would happen if
your where to mix in another while noise source of equal maximum and minimum
amplitude swings over a period of time? Would there not be a high chance
that the resultant mixing of these two white noise signals be also or near
zero for most of the time?
Now here is the tricky question, over the same infinte period is the
resultant signal power also zero?
You will find that this is often called bit jittering!


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