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Thread: [OT] Spamming and Spamcop/Samspade
face BY : Martin G. McCormick email (remove spam text)

       We've got a problem, all right.  I tried the address of


from North Central Oklahoma and the error that I got was simply that
the domain name system couldn't find any host by that name,
specifically http://www.samspade.com.  I then used whois to find out about
the domain of samspade.com and did find a record in the San Francisco
area.  It lists domain name servers for his domain so I did a nslookup
for http://www.samspade.com through rome.netjet.com which is his primary
domain name server.  That's basically going to the horse's mouth for
the information.  I got:

Server:  rome.netjet.com

*** rome.netjet.com can't find http://www.samspade.com: Non-existent host/domain

       This means that, for some reason, the records that might point
us to the site in question are not in the name server that is
officially mapped as being authoritative for samspade.com.  There are
lots of reasons why this might have happened, but that would just be
pure speculation.  That, however, is why you can't get to the site.

       This, by the way, is my day job so I never thought what I do
for OSU would have much value on the PIC list, but I am responsible
for running our domain name servers and am familiar with this kind of

Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK
OSU Center for Computing and Information Services Data Communications Group
Mark Willis writes:
>Quite true - I've been trying to reach Steve (who runs the site) about
>that, as I have another 10pins.com SPAM to LART;  I didn't get to
>posting to the list about it yet.  While his site usually works quite
>well, right now it's quite DOA (I get 97 bytes and it hangs, error
>messages, or some other unusual, "bad" result.)  Give it a day, Steve
>will fix it.


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