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Thread: From Peru Virus [ADMIN][VIRUS]
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Based on circumstantial evidence, I would have a hard time saying that this
is your fault. I would guess that you received an email from a person at
elabs.com regarding the availability of new parts, and did not have your
security settings up to date or activated in outlook. elabs got your email
address from the piclist membership list and sent you the email directly.
They have since apologized (privately to the list admins, not really
publicly) and promised never to do this again.

Your quickness to A) Apologize B) Look up and post instructions for fixing
the problem and C) a link to an information source indicate that you are a
good example of the type of people who, with a bit more experience <WINK>
make the internet a good place to be.

Unfortunately, the PICList does provide an easy system for spreading email
born virii. I will start trying to put together  some sort of advice in the
text that gets emailed to new members on protecting against infection.
PLEASE be patient as it will take some time even with HELP from MIKE, and
MARK <read the capitalized parts of the previous text>. <GRIN>

In light of recent events, I have to apologize for not saying this sooner...


James Newton, PICList Admin #3
1-619-652-0593 phone

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