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Thread: Piezo Kynar - PVDF Film
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Howdy gang,

>        I gather from the subject that this film has piezoelectric
>properties, but what is it like to use?  How large are the pieces that
>one can get and how are they energized?

The PVDF film I have been using is 52 micro meters thick and is supplied
metalized all over on both sides with a Cu/Ni layer approx. 250 angstrongs
thick, The PVDF I get comes in sheets approx. 8 inches by 6 inches but I
dare say larger sizes are available. It is also available with a silver ink
conductive coating which is much thicker.

An active area is an area where the PVDF has metalization present on both
sides. To make a sensor the metalization is etched away to form an active
area, the connections to this active area are formed by leaving tracks of
metalization on one side only to connect to the overlapping active area.

I have so far constructed sensors from Ni/Cu coated material using PCB like
techniques except that Ferric Chloride etch time is several seconds only.

I have not yet made multi point sensors though I have seen one described
with 9 sensors 1/10 inch square on a single 1 inch square. Two things to be
noted is the extremley low series capacitance of small sensor/exciters and
the need to route connecting tracks so they dont cross other tracks creating
undesired active areas.


Glen Torr

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