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Thread: which Parallel port card
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Due to my stupidity and filtering rules applied to incoming mail I
have lost at least two replies via e-mail to the message below and I
have no idea who sent them. Would those who e-mailed me with
comments please re-send them.. thanks

Mike W ( now with e-mail filtering turned off )

On 18 Apr 00, at 23:42, pic microcontroller discussio wrote:

> When using a parallel port PIC programmer what parallel card do
> people use to protect the mobo port?.  I can't find any ISA or PCI
> parallel cards for sale. I've found plenty of multi-IO cards but none
> of them allow the com/ide/fdd ports to be disabled AFAIK
> thanks Mike W


See also: www.piclist.com/techref/ios.htm?key=port
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