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Thread: Todd Peterson's Apology - NOT! [ADMIN][SPAM VOTE]
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That was not an apology... it was just the sort of twisting of the facts
that you would expect from a SPAMmer.

Isn't it amazing how SPAMmers always feel that * they * were treated

Given his attitude and the likely continuation of his sales tactics, I would
guess that the PICList will be the first of several lists that Mr. Peterson
will be removed from (the ISP's customer list, the BBB no complaints list,

I'd rather see Mr Peterson ON the list and post a message with an [OT] (or
maybe [AD]) than send thousands of private emails to people who's only
desire was to be a part of the PICList. At least then, they could filter the
[OT] out.

I wonder if he would be willing to drop his "private email" list in return
for re-entry to the list? If I trusted him (which I don't) I'd suggest
sending the PICList membership email list through the KILLspamremoveKILLspamspamelabinc.com

We shouldn't be the target of his un-filterable, out of left field, HTML,
virus attached, personal gain only motivated, bandwidth and time wasting
emails just because we want to participate in learning about PICs, helping
others, and having a nice group of people to interact with.

Or am I just too hot under the collar to see this clearly? I'd like to hear
some feed back from the list. Please don't send it to the list but instead
just click on one of the below:

EraseMEjamesnewtonKILLspamspampiclist.com?subject=SPAM+nuke+it> if you feel as I do that all of it needs to stop. Or
if you don't mind hearing about products but would like to get them via the
list rather than by private email. Or
STOPspamjamesnewtonRemoveMEspamspam_OUTpiclist.com?subject=SPAM+calm+down> if you feel like Todd was dealt with unfairly and should be allowed to
remain on the list while sending emails to the list members addresses.

After all, my personal feeling are one thing and my job as a list admin is

James Newton (PICList Admin #3)
jamesnewtonSTOPspamspampiclist.com 1-619-652-0593
PIC/PICList FAQ: http://www.piclist.com or .org

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Subject (change) Todd Peterson's Apology - NOT! [ADMIN][SPAM VOTE]

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