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Thread: [OT] Spamming and Spamcop/Samspade
face BY : Mark Willis email (remove spam text)

I use samspade in manual mode - he does have a Win32 app there but I
haven't used it so cannot comment;  Steve (who runs SamSpade) would know
<G>  He's a good guy, will usually answer questions in fairly short

For manual mode, you look up the headers, need to use Verbose headers
mode for that - find the IP addresses (starting hunting from the top
down for all non-AOL users - I'm told AOL does headers differently.  You
go downwards until you find a huge discrepancy, or, reach the end of the
Received-from lines.)  Enter the IP addresses, in turn, into the
"WhoIs/TraceRoute" dialog box - I click all 3 dialog boxes and then hit
"Go" (Doing all this from memory, it's pretty simple.)  You then send a
complaint letter to the Spammers' ISP and DNS server holders, and in
some cases their ISP's ISP (I can help off-list better on how to do
this.)  You also do the same with the SPAMmers' web pages, complaining
to the DNS servers and web page ISP and their ISP, and to anything you
can find on their web page - use the safe browser on Sam Spade or on
Anonymizer.Com, if some joker's using a Merchant CC account you DO want
to bug the provider of that account so they'll likely be shut off from
being able to make money.

If you send me headers you're stuck on, I'll help, or you can join any
of a number of Anti-Spammer training web pages (FREE, CAUCE, etc.) and
e-mail lists, and there're certainly other people on the list who know
how to track SPAMmers.  Takes about 5 minutes to write a "LART" once you
get the hang of it - The first ones won't be THAT fast, of course.  And
there are tricks etc., like SMI8.6 relays that destroy all
trace-ability, so all you can do there is ask the relay's owner to close
their relay - You will have to learn more than I've written here,
obviously.  It's good knowledge to put on your Resume' - "I can read
e-mail headers" <G>


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