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Thread: ATX power suply - very [OT][EE]
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Paul B. Webster wrote:

I'd be interested (as may many of the list) to know what you find, and
what you intend to do.  One detail I have figured is that motherboards in
general default OFF.  If however you short the front panel button,
they default ON but of course you can't turn them off then.

one way to do this is to use a 10u Cap across the switch input to the board
with a diode cathode  to +5 volts to discharge cap at switch off.
then when machine is switched ON cap acts like short and pc starts up.
But my bios for a new mother board I'am using now lets me select switch mode
as options instant off. delayed off and machine to start when power is

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/power.htm?key=power
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