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Thread: Syntax Highlighting in MPLAB
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Well, I'd have to say vi's about the absolute worst from my point of view.
Nothing but arbitrary arcane commands, and until you have several dozen of
them memorized you can't carry out the simplest operations.

Now that I've got a full head of grey hair, I figure I've earned the right
to be curmudgeonly, and complicated, hard-to-learn editors that force me to
waste my time memorizing yet another weird set of commands really gets my
steam up.

I rather like the MPLAB editor because it's so simple I didn't waste any
time at all figuring out how to use it.

After 30+ years of programming, my brain's so full of arbitrary commands and
un-memorable "mnemonics" that I have to unlearn some to cram in new ones.
If it takes me two weeks to master the commands on the latest spiffy editor,
it's two weeks down the drain because the next week I'll be using a
different one on a different project.

In the best of all possible worlds, all the tools I used would easily
integrate with every possible editor, and I could pick one of the nice
editors and stick with it.

Probably the best you could do would be to keep the simple built-in one, and
do the best you can making it integratable with others.  Good luck mastering
the secret interfaces for that in a Microsoft-dominated world.

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