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Thread: Piezo Kynar - PVDF Film
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Lance and others,

Half of my time till July is being absorbed in using Kynar film to measure
peel stresses in adhesive joints.

>The problem was the generation of usable power did
>require quite a bit of flexing of the generator and it was
>more appropriate to generate a charge over some time
>and then burst power some sort of device.
>It would be fun to get funding to pursue that sort of line
>though, I can see applications like emergency devices
>etc that might be stored for years where maybe a

Funding runs out then but I have in mind to attempt to generate the
requisite power to exception log and report events with the same material,
as Lance says it is ideal for such purposes.


Glen Torr (No relation to Rolf Harris)

Technical Officer
Australian Defence Force Academy
School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.

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