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Thread: [EE]{WKB] Speedwire Prototyping system--looking for UK source
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>Hello Kelly,
>Saw your posting regarding about "stitch wireing" (IIRC), I have been
>doing quite a searching but could not find a URL that describe this in
>details, nor could find the BICC-Vero web-site.
>Do you some URL to point me to?
>Cheers,  Ling SM

Ah yes--They changed their name.  In the U.S. it is now VERO Electronics,
1-800-242-2863.  <www.veroEraseMEspamspam_OUTvero-usa.com">http://spamwww.verospam@spam@vero-usa.com> it says on the catalog.  Company
is British, and home page should be <http://www.vero-uk.com>.

Absolutely fantastical system for prototyping through-hole parts! Beats
wire wrap all to H.  Rip-up & retry is very easy.  I've even got some small
proto-cards set up with 8-SOIC pads plus holes.  Coat the wired side with
silicone rubber and I have even delivered one-ups to customers.  Super
system  Just need a reasonably priced source for the pins.

The product is called "Speedwire" and is on page 8-27 of their catalog.
The terminals are part #244-26219J in reels of 1000 pieces.
The tool is #244-26213E and I would recommend getting two of them
Don't bother with their installation tool--a pair of pliers works better.
ANY 30 ga Kynar wire wrap wire will work.
I buy blank PCB material with 62mil holes on 100 mil centers from
Mouser--lots cheaper.

The cost is about $250/reel in the U.S (competitive with better quality IC
sockets on a per pin basis)--plus long lead times.  I'd would be willing to
buy a couple of reels from a piclister in the UK if there is a significant
price savings.


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