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Thread: Marking subject lines
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Well, it may be nice to have everything nicely categorized by using the subject
line.  But as long as you have new people subscribing to the list without
reading the FAQ or even the welcome message, and as long as you have people who
forget even to put the [OT] up, I don't know that you'll get too far.

But be of good cheer.  We've pretty much gotten rid of all the rogue forms of
[OT], and people are using [ADMIN] when needed.  There aren't any other
confusing terms.  It looks like we just have to take a little at a time, and it
may be a good time to start using [EE].  I would suggest that [OT] be enforced,
but [EE] just become a suggestion.  People can add it to subjects if they want
slightly more exposure for [OT] posts, but we don't need to reprimand them if
they don't include it.

So now we have:
[ADMIN]  for administration questions, suggestions,
        etc which pertain to everyone on the list
[OT]     Items which have little or no conection to
        the PICLIST, but are asked by its members
[OT][EE] Items which have little connection to PICs,
        but may be of interest to electrical

Personally I think the list is doing very well.  I don't feel like I'm wading
through a lot of dross to get to the good stuff.


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Ring the doorbell and run (he hates that).

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=marking+subject
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