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Thread: EEPROM with two (or three) wires interface...
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>Thanks to all who answered my question, I will search for Atmel
>Just to let you know, the idea that I want to develop is based on a 16F877
>for voice recording and playing (with PWM), based on a CDPCM data
>compression. This way sampling voice at 8kHz, 16 bit (that will take
>16kbyte/sec),  is reduced at 4kbyte/sec; so a 4Mbit flash will give about
>130sec of speech... more that enough!!
>Thanks again and good work!!
Might be worth taking a look at the AKM AK4309 audio DAC - an
extremely cheap dac (~$1.50) with all the post-filtering on-board -
bits in, audio out! Can be driven from the PIC SCI in sync mode (needs
inverter in clock and bit-reveresed data).


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