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Thread: SmartMedia Interface?
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Hi Kieran,

As someone else mentioned there is a good article in circuit cellar october
Have you got the specs yet ? If not you can get them from
http://www.ssfdc.or.jp/english/ they're helpful.

Unfortunatly for commercial reasons I can't actually give you code but here
are a few tips once you get started.

The circuit cellar article suggests that you will find the PBS in the same
block as the CIS/IDI I've not yet seen this, i've only ever seen it in the
next block after the CIS.
Mapping CHS to Locical Blocks to Physical blocks is a little confusing. If
you find that everything makes sense for the first couple of blocks and the
you can't find anything after block 3 or 4 go have a look at the top end of
the card, they'll probably be there. From a reading point of view the
logical block number in the redundant area is the key to making sense of the
device. You'll probably need to refer back to the FAT fairly often so keep
track of its physical location. If you have lots of ram (which on a PIC you
usually don't) it is worth keeping a logical to physical look up table but
for most purposes just searching the card for each block isn't too bad...


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Subject: SmartMedia Interface?


Does anyone know of any source code anywhere for interfacing a PIC to
SmartMedia memory?

I only want to read from it, and the data will be put there by a USB or
PCMCIA adaptor from a Mac or PC.

Thanks for your help!



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