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Thread: Headphones changing pitch automagically [OT]
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Don't see why phase cancelation would occur selectively based on frequency
unless it's a multiway system (i.e. the bass and treble come from different
places thus different angles). Need to be pretty precise for phase
cancelation. Although it does agree with more cancelation of high
frequencies as the larger (lower) waves require more physical accuracy to

I'd say it's a result of the method used to produce the sound. With overear
phones, you're ear canal becomes a resonant chamber as someone mentioned. If
they're resonant at say ~5kHz, and you pump a 500Hz signal and a 5kHz signal
at the same level, the 5kHz will resonate and be louder, so you pump the
5kHz in lower.

Alternatively, bass is much more unidirectional, if you can, try detaching
the 2 earpieces (my overheads alllow this), know move them 30cm away from
your head but keep pointed at ears, I would guess the high rfrequency would
be dulled less as it has a path to your ear without bouncing off about 10
walls and thus going 10 times as far as the bass.

In-ear earphones don't produce bass in a quite normal way. They use
psychoacoustical methods and the fact they are plugging the ear canal to
obtain good bass from an impossibly small cone (and do major ear damage at
the same time), hence when you move them away from your ears the bass drops.


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Subject (change) Headphones changing pitch automagically [OT]

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