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Thread: Easy '877 EEPROM question...
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<x-flowed>At 11:16 AM 4/9/2000 +0100, you wrote:
> >you can even do a EEPROM read while the write is in
> >progress.
>I don't believe this is true. if so it's highly unusual and I'd expect
>the data sheet to explicitly state that it is possible - my copy
>Of course program memory can be read during the eeprom write cycle.

If eeprom data memory writes are asyncronous, why would reading eeprom data
memory during a write be prohibited? If it is prohibited, how would it
manifest itself? Return invalid data? Halt execution until the write
completed?  It seems as though if any of those behaviors were true, *that*
would certainly be documented. (One would hope!)

- Mike

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