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Thread: 74B vs. 74A
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There is also a subtle change to the SSP - there's another clock
polarity control bit, also introduced on the 16C63A
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B,C etc rev. parts are usually cheaper than earlier revs as they are
normally due to a die-shrink.

Microchip are unusual in that they do make an obvious change to the
part number (i.e. the rev.letter) when changing silicon, and they
still appear to be able to supply earlier versions - the 5x series is
at rev.C but I still see the old -XT etc. versions in catalogues.
I don't know of any other maker that does this, and they should be
loudly praised for it.  
There shouldn't normally be any problem using later parts in old
designs, unles you're bending the specs, but it's nice to know that
you won't suddenly find out the hard way that they've changed the
silicon without telling you!


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