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Thread: LCD Driving Routine working on 16C63, but not 18F876
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Tom Theron wrote:

>I have a LCD (8 x 1 line) routine, that works fine with my PIC16C63-04.
>recompiling for the 16f876,  (remembering to switch off analog inputs on
>port A), the routine does not function in the same target. Signals seem to
>reach the display, but it does not respond.Anybody has a clue why this can

This is getting to be a standard response whenever someone has trouble
moving code to one of the new flash chips!  If RB3 is part of your design,
make sure LVP is disabled in the configuration bits, or else RB3 will NOT
be available as an i/o.


See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/lcd/pic.htm?key=lcd
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Subject (change) LCD Driving Routine working on 16C63, but not 18F876

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