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Thread: Verifying software rev in production
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I've seen brief "near references" to this topic lately, but haven't seen my
question directly addressed.
We have in production a design that takes advantage of ICSP by programming
the pic (C73B) at the final assembly of the product (using a Promate II).
Several models use the same circuit board, but different software versions.
If code protection is used, what is the best way for our assembly line to
verify the software version that a given board was programmed with?  We
would like the ability to check AFTER programming in addition to the usual
check at the time of programming.
It would seem to me that if you cannot read a code protected part, then you
can't do a checksum on it either.  Anyone have the scoop on this?


See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=verifying+software
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