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Thread: 16F87x code security
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Has anyone heard of any security issues with the 16F87x series in terms of
the code being readable even with code protect bits set?  I remember
reading somewhere that older flash devices ('C84's?) could be 'glitched' by
applying some transient to a pin which toggled off the code protect bit.
Obviously there are other security considerations like not allowing writes
to program memory so no code that would dump the pic's contents could be
programmed.  But I'd still like to be somewhat certain that the code is
reasonably secure and was just curious if there have been any reports of
the code protect bits being defeated (short of cracking the case and going
at it with microprobes & lasers.)  I was also curious what other code
security measures PIC users might employ. Our final product will be potted,
which will make physical access difficult, but I'd be more comfortable
knowing the code was locked up safe and secure..... as much as possible.


- Mike


See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=16F
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